tutorial flor de fieltro

                Os dejo este tutorial, esta en ingles pero se entiende bien solo con las fotos.    Esta pagina es super interesante , tiene un monton de ideas para hacer manualidades.

Felted Sweater Peony Flower Tutorial   

1. Cut 4-5 free-hand flowers out of your felted sweater (you don't even need a pattern, just cut 5 loose petals). If it has been properly felted, the edges will not fray when you cut them.

2. Fold your first flower in half.

Then in half again.

3. Using a needle and matching thread, sew several stitches through the bottom to secure.

4. Fold another flower like the first, and stitch it to the first flower, using several stitches. Repeat with remaining flowers until your blossom is full and even.

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